Monday, June 15, 2009

HRC's Joe Solmonese Blasts President in Letter Over DOMA Brief

HRC's president Joe Solmonese sent President Obama a direct and to-the-point letter this morning in response to his and the Department of Justice's brief defending DOMA.

Solmonese Letter to Obama Re Doma Brief June 15 2009

Though I appreciate the tone of the letter and support Solmonese in his direct approach, I wonder if the president and his administration will give this letter the time of day.

Solmonese asks for legislation to be sent to Congress, but we have asked repeatedly for repeal legislation for DOMA and DADT, among others, so that we the LGBT population can start working to convince our representatives to support it. But so far, Obama hasn't done anything but defend the discriminatory laws.

So now we must ask for real ACTION, not just sending legislation. Real support from Obama and the administration. ENDA seems to be going nowhere. Where are the calls from the White House to Congress to get it passed?

I understand that the Hate Crimes Bill is moving along, but they use that now to appease us and excuse their inaction, or in the case of the brief, their attacks on our rights.

What more can the HRC do than send a polite but angry letter? Send the president a call to action. A call for a face-to-face meeting with him, not just his staff, and to keep calling every day. A call for him to tighten the screws on Congress to act. A call to cut through the niceties and get down to business.

It's time to flex our muscle. Otherwise, we're just shouting into a void, wasting time, energy and resources.

Here's some thoughts on next steps.

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