Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Judge Judy and Her Supportive Views on Same-Sex Marriage

(The video starts out funky)

Her thoughts on the voter confusion over "No" vs. "Yes" during the Prop 8 vote/campaign is interesting, given that historically, it is much harder to win a "Yes" campaign than a "No" campaign. Voting "No" usually means keeping status quo, while voting "Yes" is voting for a change. Which makes the loss of the No on 8 campaign harder to swallow (voting "No" meant keeping the THEN status quo of keeping gay marriage in California legal).

With that in mind, many argue that doing a "do-over" through a ballot initiative is a bad move because we would have to win a "Yes" campaign to change what Prop 8 did. But Judge Judy thinks otherwise.

Encouraging words from the stern judge.

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