Thursday, March 19, 2009

Marriage Battle in Minnesota Brewing

In recent years, Minnesota Republicans and social conservative groups have failed three times to amend the state's constitution in an effort to strengthen an already existing law that states the marriage is between one man and one woman.

They're trying again, and this time they think they'll win because earlier this month, a proposal was filed to make marriage gender neutral, and the legislation would void the so-called Defense of Marriage law. For them, this is the final straw.

“Not only is this an assault on the traditional definition of marriage, this is an assault on all religious beliefs in the state of Minnesota,” said Sen. Warren Limmer (R).

Limmer also said an amendment was needed because DOMA could be overturned by the courts. A same-sex couple denied a marry license in Hennepin County are expected to file a legal challenge to the law.

The legislation has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee, but no hearings have been scheduled.

Though Democrats control the state congress in both houses, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty would likely veto the bill should it pass.

To make matters worse, state Sen. Paul Koering, Republican and openly gay, does not support any same-sex marriage effort.

Contact the senator and tell him to support the bill:

Phone: 651.296.4875

Contact Sen. Warren Limmer and tell him how you feel about his efforts to amend the state's constitution.

Phone: 651.296.2159

Contact Gov. Tim Pawlenty and tell him not to void the legislation if it reaches his desk.

Telephone: 651.296.3391
Toll Free: 800.657.3717

See news story.

For a full history on same-sex marriage in Minnesota, Minnesota Legislative Reference Library where they recently updated the issue.

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