Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To boycott or not to boycott El Coyote

There's been lots of talk circulating through the community about how one of the co-owners of El Coyote, Marjorie Christoffersen, donated to the Yes on Prop 8 campaign and that we should boycott the restaurant. Yet she's been quoted as saying that, since she's Mormon, she only gave money to the Mormon Church and didn't know how her money ended up going to the Yes campaign.

"I love you guys, I would never do anything to hurt you, I wish I hadn’t done it," she's said. Unfortunately, her name appears on the official Secretary of State's List of Yes on 8 campaign donors.

Marjorie wants a chance to speak to the gay community and explain what happened. I believe if anyone wants to engage us, especially someone who claims to love us, we should give them that opportunity and respectfully listen before jumping to any conclusions.

Majorie is holding an open brunch tomorrow, Wednesday, November 12th, 11am at El Coyote, open to anyone who is willing to go.


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  1. if you were there thurs. at the boycott, one of the managers of the restaurant had announced that the staff and management of the restaurant had just donated $500.00 to equality california to repeal prop 8. i think its a good start