Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's Remember Our Allies!


As I had written earlier today (see post) , the Board of Superintendents had a meeting to discuss whether to join in on the law suits against Prop 8 and voice their support for the California Supreme Court. Result? THEY JOINED! Voice your gratitude to the head of the board, Zev Yaroslavsky by writing him at or call at 213.974.3333. We need to voice our support to our allies as much as we protest those who oppose us. See Los Angeles Times article

They're not our only allies. The following have also voiced their support for the Supreme Court and the abolition of Prop 8:

The Bar Association of San Francisco et al.

Forty-Four Members of the State Legislature

Anti-Defamation League et al.

Beverly Hills Bar Association et al.

Click on the links above for their actual statements.

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