Monday, December 7, 2009

VIDEO: NY Sen. George Maziarz Cannot Constitutionally Explain His Anti-Gay Vote to Lesbian Constituent

New York state Sen. George Maziarz is confronted by his lesbian and married constituent Anne Tischer back in November at a town hall. She refers to his anti-gay record and asks how he will vote on the marriage equality bill that at the time was coming up to the senate. He was unable to give any constitutional explanation.

What is so striking about this exchange is that Sen. Maziarz fails to address anything that Anne brings up, simply falling back on a message point (if you can call it that) of "one man, one woman." As a senator who gave an oath to create constitutional legislation, can he not do his job and explain how he's come to his conclusion other than relying on discriminatory view points and religion?

Even more disheartening is the applause that breaks when he states his position. These people, who see Anne and her wife sitting right in front of them after hearing their story, who see a face of the suffering of inequality - not a faceless group of people who is easy to vote against at the ballot box - and they still applaud denying them rights? And yet they say it's not hate.

The only thing that gives me comfort is knowing that these people will be harshly judged by history, just as the segregationists and anti-suffrage movement is today.

(H/T Freedom to Marry)


  1. Very, very sad to watch. The fact that people would applaud discrimination is particularly sad. History will indeed see these people as monsters.

  2. Yes, it is sad to hear applause for discrimination. However, it is worth noting that the applause was actually tepid. Most of the people did not applaud. Perhaps the Senator's position may not be as popular with his constituency as the thinks. What part of the state does he represent? What is his party affiliation? Is he going to be challenged in his party's primary and in the general election?

  3. No surprise that he's Republican. Here's his website.