Monday, December 7, 2009

ACTION ALERT! Today New Jersey Senate Judiciary Committee Votes on Marriage Equality

UPDATE: The debate has begun and you can listen live here and stay updated with Blue Jersey's live blogging.

If you live in New Jersey, call the following senators who are on the Senate Judiciary Committee. They vote today on the state's marriage equality bill beginning at 1pm EST. The bill will go to the full senate on Thursday.

Sen. Paul Sarlo (Chair): (201) 804-8118
Sen. John Girgenti (Vice-Chair): (973) 427-1229
Sen. Bill Baroni: (609) 631-9988
Sen. Christopher Bateman: (908) 526-3600
Sen. Jennifer Beck: (732) 933-1591
Sen. Gerard Cardinale: (201) 567-2324
Sen. Nia Gill: (973) 509-0388
Sen. Joseph Kyrillos: (732) 671-3206
Sen. Raymond Lesnick: (908) 624-0880
Sen. Nicholas Scutari: (908) 587-0404
Sen. Bob Smith: (732) 752-0770
Sen. Brian Stack: (201) 861-5091
Sen. Loretta Weinberg: (201) 928-0100

Go to Garden State Equality to get more action alerts!

Supporters for marriage equality rallied
in state's capital of Trenton and New Jersey's Star-Ledger hopes their cause succeeds.
Senators are busy calculating the politics on this, and some will base their vote on that. They admit that in private.

Our hope, though, is that senators take the long view this week and ask themselves how they will feel 25 years from now, when gay marriage will likely be a fact of life. Which side were they on?

Supporters of this cause can take some comfort, no matter what happens this week. Gays have come a long way in New Jersey.
(H/T Good As You)

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