Saturday, December 12, 2009

New Jersey Assembly Committee Could Take Up Marriage Bill January 4

After a tumultuous week for New Jersey's marriage equality bill (not being heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee, then finally being heard, and then squeaking out of the committee for a full Senate vote, then the vote being canceled so that the Assembly can take it on, then the Assembly saying it doesn't know if it'll take up the marriage bill), a bit of good news has come out of Trenton today.

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The Star-Ledger is reporting that the Assembly Judiciary Committee could add the marriage bill to its schedule shortly after the holidays.
Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer), said the earliest it would appear in the Assembly Judiciary committee is Jan. 4, which would give the issue "a rest until after the Christmas holiday."

"It's their desire to have it the first week in January," he said.

But Gusciora said "anything was subject to change" in Trenton, acknowledging a plan to put the bill to a full vote in the Senate was scrapped earlier this week when there were not enough votes to pass it.

Assembly Judiciary Committee chair Linda Greenstein could not confirm the date for the hearing.

"At this time nothing has been scheduled," said Derek Roseman, a spokesman for Assembly Democrats.
The full Assembly is scheduled to have two voting sessions that same week.

Though nothing is official, it's good that they're considering a "when" and not an "if."

Supporters of the bill need to have it pass both houses before Gov. Jon Corzine leaves office January 19 to receive is guaranteed signature because his replacement, Chris Christie, doesn't care for LGBT rights at all.

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