Sunday, November 1, 2009

VIDEO: Maine Vietnam Vet Stands Up for Marriage Equality; See 25 Year Maine LGBT History Recap

Back in April, before Maine's marriage equality bill LD1020 passed, the state's Senate Judiciary Committee held one of the largest public hearings on the bill. Thousands turned out, including the now famous Philip Spooner. And Paul and Jeanette.

LD1020 faces a people's veto on Tuesday. But it won't be the first time an LGBT rights bill faced such a challenge in Maine. Equality Maine put together the video below, a recap of the victories and defeats of LGBT rights in the Pine Tree State.

Will you help LD1020 gain a victory at the ballot? Only a couple hours of your time can make a big difference.

Got this email from the campaign:

That's the number of calls our volunteers around the country -- folks just like you -- have made to Maine voters encouraging them to vote No on Question 1, the ballot question on same-sex marriage.

103,817 is a lot of calls -- but it's not quite enough to get all NO on 1 voters to the polls.

We know this election will come down to turnout, and we're counting on supporters like you from around the country to make a difference in this off year election.

ACTION: The NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign needs people to pick up their phones an call SUPPORTERS to remind them to VOTE. The polls are tied. It's now about who can get their support base to the polls on Tuesday.

You can sign up for a shift this afternoon after a quick training!

Help save marriage equality in your pajamas.

On November 3rd, a yes vote erases history. A no vote makes history.

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