Monday, November 2, 2009

RED ALERT: New Maine Poll Shows Marriage Equality in Peril as Opponents Gear Up for Big Smear Ad


Tomorrow Mainers go to the polls and decide whether or not to strip gays and lesbians of their newly found right to marry in the Pine Tree State.

Those of us in favor of marriage equality are facing an uphill battle.

A new poll released today shows those in favor overturning marriage equality, or those voting YES for Question 1, beating us 51% to 47%. (See full poll embedded at bottom of the post. Also see Nate Silver's analysis of all Maine Question polls.)


And to make matters a little worse, the Yes on 1 side has just done an unexpected, major push to raise $25,000 to air one last major attack ad.

Contrary to popular belief, the NO on 1 campaign does not have a lot of money. We raised it and they used it well. But the Yes on 1 has the Catholic Church and NOM on their side, and they intend to squash us.

We need your help.

From Jesse Connolly, NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality campaign manager.

I wasn't going to come to you to ask for money again. We've asked so much, and you've dug deep and really come through.

Honestly, I wouldn't take my time away from managing our Get Out The Vote operation to send this email if it wasn't really important.

But we just heard that Yes on 1 is increasing their TV ad buy by $25,000 today.

$25,000 buys a lot of TV ads in Maine.

With the money we have now, we simply can't counter their arguments on TV.

You and I have both invested a lot in this campaign. I won't-- I can't-- let them win this because we couldn't come up with the last $25,000 in the final 36 hours.

We can't let Yes on 1 win the airtime war with their misleading, and factually inaccurate ads.

We can't let Yes on 1 lie to Maine voters about schools and teachers and children and same-sex couples in Maine.

We need to stand up and match every one of their lies with an ad of our own, that explains that marriage equality won't do anything to families but protect all of them.

And I need you to help. Can you come through one last time and give $20 to help us finish this campaign with a win?
Seriously, this is it people. Help us avoid another Prop 8 from happening. DONATE!

  1. If you live far from Maine but are eager to make a difference, you can phone bank from home. Sign up at Call for Equality.
  2. If you do live near Maine, go to Drive for Equality, where you can look for carpools in your area headed up to the Pine Tree State so you can volunteer and help Get Out the Vote! They will call you within 15 minutes of signing up or call them at 415-935-4552
  3. If you actually live in Maine, VOTE EARLY! Not only will the NO on 1 campaign see a record of your vote, it will free you up on election day to help get supporters to the polls.
  4. DONATE! You can do this no matter where you live

Public Policy Poll Maine Question 1 November 09


  1. Reading the new poll literally made me sick in the stomach. It would be tragic if we lost. The repercussions would probably include failures in New York and New Jersey as well, since the legislatures there may well get cold feet regarding marriage equality if we can't win in Maine.

  2. Exactly! Please pass this news on and try to get as many friends to volunteer or if they can, donate!