Wednesday, November 4, 2009

VIDEO: Amazing New Marriage Equality Ads Launched in New Jersey

Maine who? Christie who?

Last night, New Jersey voted pro-marriage equality governor John Corzine out of the office and replaced him with anti-LGBT Chris Christie.

So what? Garden State Equality (GSE) has launched two new marriage equality ads today. The New Jersey legislature is poised to pass a marriage equality bill that Corzine has promised to sign during his lame duck session, and GSE is prepared.

This first ad features Marsha and Louise, an amazing couple who experienced the failure that is New Jersey's civil unions.

Emilia, a straight widow, laments that same-sex couples can't visit their partners in the hospital, a privilege that she had when her husband was lying ill in the hospital.

Garden State Equality needs your help to keep these ads on the air. The legislature will be voting soon, but after the failure in Maine, they may feel hesitant. It's important that their constituents support the bill, and these ads will state the case.

Donate today.


  1. NOT a dime, unless you can guarantee that the Ballot Bigots cannot cancel it by next year.

  2. Beth in NJ wrote on the SLOG:

    "We do NOT have a "people's veto" or referendum process or anything like that in New Jersey, and any proposed constitutional amendment has to be approved by 3/5ths of each house of the state legislature to even get on the ballot for the people to vote on it. If we can get a law passed and signed before Corzine leaves office, it will be very hard for the bigoted assholes to get it overturned."

  3. It's true.

    In New Jersey we do not have I&R. All referendums are placed on the ballot by the legislature, either by a majority vote in TWO CONSECUTIVE years, or a 3/5ths majority.