Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ohio Joins Michigan and Oregon in Hopes of Repealing Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Cincinnati state Rep. Tyrone Yates (D) introduced a resolution Tuesday to repeal Ohio's same-sex marriage ban approved by voters in 2004 by a 23% margin.

The Columbus Dispatch says the possibility of the resolution even reaching voters on a ballot is slim because it would take 3/5 majority from both chambers of the state legislature. It went on to claim that if every Democrat voted for a repeal, which is unlikely, there still wouldn't be enough votes. But if fate were on the side of repeal, the initiative would be voted on in May.

Recently, Basic Rights Oregon launched an educational campaign that will lay the foundation for 2012 initiative to repeal the state's marriage equality ban. And recently, Michigan's Rep. Pam Byrnes introduced legislation that would legalize same-sex marriage.

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