Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Dog Is Sick

UPDATE: Just got home. Ethyl had to have an x-ray to see if she ate anything harmful (since she likes to see how EVERYTHING tastes.) Thankfully they found nothing and no sign of infection. So what is it? They're not sure. I'm guessing maybe she's just being a drama queen. But either way, we're putting her on a 24 hour fast which is said to help dogs with upset stomachs. Also, she got an anti-nauseous injection as well as some pills (which, naturally, I misplaced because I'm so absent-minded. They got to be here somewhere . . . ). Thanks for all the well-wishes on Facebook, Twitter and here! I promise not to make talking about Ethyl a habit, though she would love me to continue!

My little terrier mix, Ethyl, is sick. She usually loves to eat, but lately she's been nauseous, constantly trying to eat grass (which they say is a sign of an upset stomach) and not doing her, uhm, "business."

I'll be taking her to the vet in an hour, so my blogging today will be interrupted and sporadic at best.

In the meantime, you can ohh and aww over how cute Ehtyl is. :)


  1. Sorry to read of your dog.

    Here are a few remedies.

    Some don't always work, depending on the dog.

    Some people recommend canned pumpkin; I've never tried that.

  2. Thanks! She's begun a fast and we got some medicine for her stomach. Hopefully this will work.

  3. My dog has her problems mostly because she prefers comfort food instead of what she should be actually eating and is really stubborn about it. Someone - not me - gives in. The dog is happy....up until he stomach starts acting up.

  4. Good wishes for your dog's quick recovery. Give him lots of pats and cuddles.