Sunday, November 8, 2009

Dan Savage: "President Obama is a fierce advocate of gay rights the same way I'm a ladies' man. He isn't, and I'm not."

This is a few days old but definitely worth posting.

Savage refers to an email from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) sent out to all supporters directly before elections, urging them to get involved in a number of issues, but failed to mention any of the LGBT ballot initiatives attempting to take away rights.

Even more infuriating, they sent an email to some Mainers asking them to go to New Jersey to help the Democratic Gov. John Corzine win re-election. He did not. And the DNC did not ask them to vote No on Question 1 nor volunteer for the NO campaign.

America Blog has been covering the issue extensively, even having it out with the DNC Treasurer Andy Tobias. It's an interesting development during a time when the LGBT population is growing more and more disillusioned with President Obama.

Since it's appearing that the DNC did in fact urge its supporters to act but left the gays out in the cold and that President Obama is continuing to avoid specifically naming our issues to avoid the fray, the passage of Question 1 in Maine is only going to deepen this divide.

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