Friday, September 11, 2009

Check Out UTF's Top 15 Posts for August

OK, so I'm a little behind. But I took a vacation! Yeah, I know. Whatever.

The top posts are calculated by how many unique views each received.

Topics ranged from Equality California's Marc Solomon's exclusive interview with Unite the Fight, marriage equality in Vermont, Maine's effort to protect its new marriage equality law and Washington State's Referendum 71.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS VERMONT! Marriage Equality Kicks In At Midnight
  2. UTF EXCLUSIVE: EQCA's Marc Solomon Talks About Juggling Plans for 2012 While Working With 2010 Supporters
  3. BREAKING NEWS: Federal Prop 8 Case Goes to Public Trial January 11, 2010; City of San Francisco Joins Plaintiffs
  4. VIDEO: Next Steps Working Meeting Creates 'Coalition for Marriage Equality'; Decides on San Francisco Convention to Determine Next
  5. Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager to Attend Sunday's "Next Steps Summit"; Tentative Agenda Released
  6. NO on 1/Protect Maine Equality's Opposition Issues Condescending Response to Their Call for a Fair Campaign
  7. Numerous Maine "No on 1" Viral Videos Have Hit the Web - Keep Them Comin'!
  8. Bill Clinton Interrupted During Netroots Nation Keynote Speech - Answers Demanding DADT and DOMA Questions
  9. Both Sides of Federal Prop 8 Suit Diametrically Opposed on All Aspects of Case - No Common Ground Found in Submitted Court Statements
  10. Maine's Grassroots NO on 1 Campaign Relaunches Website, Receives Help from HRC
  11. A Burnt Out Activist Finds Rejuvenation at Camp Courage East Los Angeles
  12. Guest Post: The People Israel Is in Desperate Need of Wholeness
  13. Live Streaming of the Next Steps Working Meeting
  14. BREAKING NEWS: Anti-LGBT Referendum 71 Qualifies for Washington State November Ballot
  15. Agenda for Next Steps Summit Released

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