Thursday, September 10, 2009

Top Obama Adviser Losing Patience with White House; Press Secretary Gibbs Responds

Steve Hildebrand, the deputy campaign manager of Obama's successful campaign for president, told Politico that he is losing patience with the president and his administration over health care reform and LGBT rights.
I am one of the millions of frustrated Americans who want to see Washington do more than it's doing right now . . . I’m not going to just sit by the curb and let these folks [Democratic leadership] get away with a lack of performance for the American people . . . I want change just as much as a majority of Americans do, and I’m one of the many Americans who are losing patience.
Hildebrand also said that Obama "needs to be more bold in his leadership."

Hildebrand's statements shows signs of cracking in the polished veneer of the Obama Administration. Hildebrand is the most senior ranking member of Obama's political team to criticize the Administration and its lack of movement on promises made to the American people, and more specifically the LGBT population, during the presidential campaign.

Though he had already begun to part ways with Obama's team during the 2008 campaign, Hildebrand said that he has already stated his opinion to the White House, saying his comments are nothing to new to them.

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs agreed in that this was nothing new.

“We all know and love Steve Hildebrand,” Gibbs said during a press brief, adding that “Steve’s frustration is the frustration of people not only in this town, but a lot of people outside of this town, and that is Washington’s inability to address its big problems and get something done.”

Hildebrand, who is openly gay, said in a August speech in San Diego, "The government still doesn’t treat Gay people equally. Should I continue doing what I’m doing, or should I be a strong voice from the outside?"

It appears Hildebrand will be that outside voice, deciding not to work for candidates but issue campaigns instead.

Recently, Hildebrand appeared at a Los Angeles meeting discussing next steps on bringing marriage equality back to California. He voiced his strong support for a 2010 ballot campaign.

Reporter Rex Wockner had an amazing in-depth interview with Steve Hildebrand in July about Obama in which he urges the LGBT population to not let the president off the hook.

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  1. So, let me get this straight. SH says "Obama should get out and provide more visible, forceful leadership" and Gibbs' response is "Washington can't...?"

    The President is not Washington, what PS Gibbs said does not respond to SH's point.