Wednesday, August 5, 2009

VIDEO: Israeli LGBT Say Tel Aviv Shootings Are Their Stonewall; Show Your Support

The identities of the victims of the Tel Aviv shooting have been released. The dead have been named as 26-year-old Nir Katz, a youth worker at the center where the shootings took place, and 16-year-old Liz Tarboushi, a girl described as quiet and "introverted" by her school classmates.

With the names and images of the victims available, the tragedy becomes more real for those who didn't know them. A face grounds what for many is an inconceivable act of violence and anchors the experience more, making it more personal and a shared, community experience. (Learn more about the victims.)

The Guardian has quoted those who gathered in solidarity in the streets of Tel Aviv this past weekend, saying of the attack, "This is our Stonewall."

Thanks to Care2, I was made aware of this video of the spontaneous march on the night of the shooting in Tel Aviv, depicting the solidarity that has grown out of tragedy.

On Top Magazine quoted Kadima Party Leader Tzipi Livini, who went to the scene of the tragedy shortly after it happened.
“I came here to show my support for those who live in the proud gay community and are grieving their dead. I hope that this terrible day will also give you strength and mark a turning point. This day should give children the strength to tell their parents 'I'm gay'. This day should give parents the strength to love their children for who they are. This day should give the strength to make a change within Israeli society, so that it will be proud of its gay community.”
ACTIONS OF SUPPORT: Care2 is asking the global LGBT population to sign this pledge to show support and solidarity with the Israeli LGBT community.

Tonight, New York Council Speaker Christine Quinn, LGBT Jewish groups, youth LGBT groups and others will join in remembrance of those killed over the weekend at the LGBT Center in Tel Aviv. The vigil will take place at Congregation Beth Simchat Torah at 57 Bethune Street (between Washington/West St), Manhattan.

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