Thursday, August 6, 2009

ACTION: Defend the Law Campaign Urges Connecticut Attorney General to Sue Government Over DOMA

A focus to get Attorneys General to actively defend the marriage equality law in their states where it is legal has come underway through an active campaign called Defend the Law.

Recently, Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley announced that her state would be filing a lawsuit in federal courts, challenging the U.S. government over the Defense of Marriage Act. Defend the Law has taken its cue from Coakely and is now setting its sights on Connecticut's AG Richard Blumenthal, whose state became the second to legalize marriage equality last year.

The goal of Defend the Law is pursue the other states that recently legalized marriage equality, but their focus right now is on Bluementhal. Their site states:
Marriage Equality has also been the law of the land in Connecticut since November 12, 2008. The Attorney General of Connecticut, Richard Blumenthal, states prominently on his website, “As the public’s lawyer, I am here to defend state laws.” Since marriage equality is indeed the law in Connecticut, we strongly urge Attorney General Blumenthal to follow Massachusetts’ lead and stand up for the citizens and laws of his state by filing a lawsuit against the federal Defense of Marriage Act.

In addition to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal having a duty to defend state law, defending marriage equality just so happens to be the politically expedient thing to do as well. The majority of Connecticut citizens support marriage equality and those numbers continue to grow.
Why such focus on Blumenthal though? 22-year old Paul Sousa, a Boston College student who started the campaign, told the Connecticut paper the Courant, "He hasn't shied away from provocative national cases in the past and hopefully he won't in this case. He's pretty liberal and progressive and he's a friend of the LBGT community."

Blumenthal is aware of the campaign and responded to the Courant through an email, "We are monitoring Massachusetts' action and listening to views and opinions expressed by advocates on all sides of the issue."

So he's listening. Let's give him more to listen to. has action steps you can take.

Urge CT Attorney General Blumenthal to file a lawsuit against DOMA

Join the facebook event so we know you’re taking part.

Actions to take during August 10th-14th from home:

Call: (860)-808-5318 & Fax: (860)-808-5387


Actions to take during August 10th-14th in person:

The Attorney General’s office is located at:
55 Elm Street
Hartford, CT 06106 (see map below).
Feel free to stop by in person and relay your message urging Blumenthal to file a suit against DOMA.

In the coming days, Maryland AG Douglas Gansler will rule if his state's law demands recognition of same-sex marriage performed in other states legally. has a petition you can sign urging him to rule in favor of marriage equality.

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