Saturday, August 8, 2009

Live Streaming of the Next Steps Working Meeting

UPDATE: Logistics has announced that they have facilitators for Fresno and Davis and San Diego. Please email the following for information:

For Fresno: Jason Scott,
For Davis: Linda Waite,
For San Diego: Kent Hartman,

The logistics team for the Next Steps Working Meeting has issued the following, an update about their plans to stream the meeting, which Unite the Fight will host.

On Sunday, August 9 at 10:00 a.m., a diverse array of groups and individuals from around the state will be gathering at the historic Jewel’s Catch One in South Los Angeles for the Next Steps Working Meeting to plan for the ballot initiative campaign to repeal Prop 8.

The title of this meeting is intentional – this will not be a talking heads event, but an opportunity for the community to get down to brass tacks and create plans and committees to get the work done.

We know that it is not practical for everyone across the state to come in person to this meeting, but we do want everyone to have the opportunity to discuss, plan, join, and work on the next steps we need to take to gather the signatures this fall.

Therefore, we are looking for 3 locations that we can stream to. Activists who attend these streaming sessions can view the proceedings in L.A. and then discuss and plan among themselves, finally conveying a summary of their discussions to their counterparts in LA.

To make this happen, we need a location in each of the following areas: Bay Area, Central Valley/Fresno, and San Diego. And we need someone to volunteer in those locations to provide the necessary equipment, receive the stream, and facilitate the discussion. There is no budget for this – these volunteers will be providing an important service to the community out of their own goodwill.

To volunteer a location and to facilitate, please email


  1. Does this mean there will not be a live feed like happened in San Bernardino?

    If I understand correctly, the idea is to organize viewing in specific locations that can help control participation (in a good way) and help people from different parts of the state contribute or at least witness the developments that occur in LA.

    Those are excellent ideas - both because of the inclusion and the attempt to build confidence around the decision making process. From what I know about the event on 8/9, this meeting will not be as easily streamed because there will be small groups working exactly will those be covered in a live stream?...not a mosh pit like SB.

    Is there any chance of this actually being pulled off by tomorrow? Seriously...this post came on Friday at 4pm...42 hours before the meeting will start.

    Is there really enough time to find a site for a 6 hour meeting, have the equipment necessary to broadcast on hand, AND get word out so people can attend the session at the last people have 6 hours open on a Sunday with approx 24 hour notice?

    I don't want to sound like a cantankerous nay sayer, but come on...really?? Is it just me, or is this kind of unlikely to happen to any level worthy of even attempting to make it happen? At this late juncture, why bother?

    I really like the idea of making these meetings available to many parts of the state but there simply isn't enough time for this idea to fulfill that there?

  2. Patrick, I'm helping to organize the meeting.

    We already planned to do the streaming, so we have all the materials ready for that on our end.

    On the other end, it's just a matter of people signing up now for the two locations we have. (The post has been updated.)

  3. Thank you, Jordan, that is very cool...and I appreciate you responding.

    I'm in San Francisco...Davis is the closest option (I think) and I seriously doubt I will make it there tomorrow morning.

    I hope you have a good turn out and report back.

  4. thanks very much, patrick, for being so practical in your questioning. i too was unclear, not a good thing at this point for the organizers of 2010, if the only option for me to watch was if someone in SF magically appeared to find a room with all the necessary tech requirements in 2-3 days. sheesh.

    i'm resigned to the fact that there are zealots who will mount a laughable sig gathering effort for 2010. they will be small in number and they'll complain, like the march on DC folks, that non-supporters are ruining their party.

    let's not waste much time or money on any ballot initiatives, and instead just focus on the bois olson lawsuit. i'd rather trust those lawyers over CA gay activists to win back gay marriage.

  5. I don't know Michael...on one hand there are people that don't want to follow the path already laid by EQCA and other large orgs that did a lousy job against Prop 8...on the other hand are the so called "zealots" that are impatient and agitated and inspired (and maybe reckless but we don't know that yet)...and there is also the even more well connected elite group, the Bois/Olson lawsuit, that has the potential to make any repeal effort moot.

    Potentially , anyway.

    And what is there that any of us in the huddled masses living in planet gay ghetto do to help and/or advance the march of the LAWYERS to SCOTUS? Nothing, really, except watch.

    We want to rebel against Gay Inc that seem increasingly out of touch but at the same time you suggest these grassroots activist zealot types aren't going to help you find comfort embracing a high stakes, high profile, high echelon legal battle?

    I'm too impatient and eager and angry and determined to just sit here and do nothing - or simply throw tomatoes at those who take any action whether I wish to join them or not - and wait for something good to happen.

    I want to be behind the goddamn rock we are collectively rolling up hill...even if it seems that there are zealots at the wheel for the time being. I happen to like some of those zealots and appreciate that they are here to work on a repeal and draw attention to other LGBT matters at the same time.

    Nothing sounds 100% right at this moment...but I'm excited that there are people trying to do something.

    It's gonna be messy. I'm ok with that.