Saturday, August 15, 2009

Referendum 71 Signature Error Rate Increases; Final Count Delayed

Washington's Secretary of State's office reports that 58,493 of the 137,689 signatures turned in for anti-LGBT Referendum 71 have been counted as of Friday. The error rate has increased from Thursday's 10.68% to 10.99%. In order to qualify for the ballot, the rate can't exceed 12.4%.

Secretary spokesman David Ammons says the total counted "includes 51,645 signatures accepted and 6,378 rejected – 5,502 because they weren't found in the statewide voter registration database, 30 with signature images pending from the voter's home county, 501 where the petition signature doesn't match the one on file, and 345 duplicates."

The Examiner reports that the process is taking longer than expected, and that instead of being completed on the original deadline of August 17, it probably won't be finished until the end of August.

"Meanwhile supporters of Washington’s domestic partnership law, Washington Families Standing Together, are moving forward with their campaign," the Examiner said. "This will be the first election that Washington voters will vote entirely by mail. Ballots will arrive in October, which gives both campaigns less time to campaign than previous elections."

ACTION: Go to the Washington Families Standing Together Action Page to see how you can get involved.

Remember, to keep the domestic partnership law inclusive for same-sex couples, you must vote to APPROVE REFERENDUM 71!

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  1. Unfortunately, I believe Washington State fucked up the counting process, thus opening the way to controversy no matter what happens.