Thursday, August 13, 2009

UPDATE: Numerous Maine "No on 1" Viral Videos Have Hit the Web - Keep Them Comin'!

UPDATE: I will keep updating this post with new videos as they are made.

Maine Freedom to Marry, now known as Protection Maine Equality/No on 1, switched into full campaign mode recently when anti-marriage equality groups, headed up by those who successfully passed Prop 8 in California, turned in petition signatures to put the new marriage equality law on this November's ballot.

In no time flat, viral videos in support of marriage equality and urging Maine voters to vote No on 1 have hit the web. Please pass this around!



  1. It's great that people are feeling motivated to make videos. I worked on a bunch of videos during the Prop 8 campaign, and I'd offer this tip for anyone producing a video for Maine:

    Brevity, brevity, brevity. Be short. Get to the point. Make your case fast, put your best argument as close to the beginning as possible, and keep slashing the run time until you can't slash any more. Brevity. Brevity. Brevity.

  2. Via Air Force writers manual:"Clear, Concise and Direct."

  3. I was all set to post a link to this page on all of my social networking sites & my blog...UNTIL...the use of the "N" word in the "Vote No on 1" video. This 1 video sets us back decades in our fight for Civil Rights. SHAME on the producers of this video.

  4. To BriCarst,

    My apologies. To be honest, I missed that the first time I watched it (the video drones on and I must have gotten distracted).

    I have removed it. I do intend to keep updating this post with new videos and I will be more vigilant.

    Again, my apologies.

  5. Thanks for the speedy response. I really enjoy this blog and would truly hate to see it head in that direction.