Friday, August 14, 2009

It's Just Another Day in Vermont as Few Same-Sex Couples Apply for Civil Marriage Licenses

Unlike fellow New England state Maine, the issue of marriage equality in Vermont has caused very little upheaval as the state's new marriage law goes into effect on September 1.

This month, Vermont town clerks began offering civil marriage license applications to gay and lesbians couples, but little fanfare has accompanied the historical moment. reports very few same-sex couples have lined up for the applications, although the new law becomes active in as little as two weeks.

"I picked up mine today," said Jace Sheppard of Colchester who plans to marry his civil union partner Michael Sheppard on Sept. 1 after the two get out of work for the day. "We're going to sign it soon and probably return it tomorrow."

The city of Rutland reports that only one couple had picked up an application, and in the capital of Montpelier, the battleground site for the marriage equality law passage just a few months ago, no couples have applied, said City Clerk Charlotte Hoyt.

"We had one phone call, but we never heard back after that," she said.

Vermont was the first state to offer civil unions, so it could be that civil marriage isn't that big of a deal, something the far right-wing doesn't want people to believe.

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