Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Check Out UTF's Top 15 Posts for June

Better late than never!

The top posts are calculated by how many unique views each received. Topics ranged from Obama once again, Coffee Bean and Open DNS blocking LGBT blogs and the police raid on a gay bar in Ft. Worth, Texas.

  1. Obama's Defense of DOMA Invokes Incest and Child Marriages - HRC Demands Action.
  2. Texas LGBT Bar Raided by Police on 40th Anniversary of Stonewall.
  3. UPDATE: Obama Makes Demonstration a Punchline/VIDEO: Obama Demonstration at Los Angeles DNC Fundraiser Demanding End to Silence on LGBT Issues.
  4. New Los Angeles Times Poll on Marriage Equality Shows Lots of Work Ahead for the City, Especially for POC Groups.
  5. Internet Problems and "Technical" Discrimination.
  6. Love Him or Hate Him, It Takes A Lot to Apologize, and Perez Hilton Does for Use of "F" Word.
  7. Erases 6 of 8 Promises to LGBT Community.
  8. Washington & Us: Hope or Hardball?.
  9. Gov. Sanford 12 Days Ago Vs. Gov. Sanford.
  10. Leadership Summit Organizations Going Back to Community to Assess Next Steps on Marriage Equality in CA.
  11. Unite the Fight Is to Talk with Coffee Bean - Statement Issued From Content Filter Co. Founder.
  12. Sen. Eichelberger Issues Statement on His Quote "We're Allowing Gays to Exist.".
  13. Not Looking Good for Marriage Equality in New York Senate.
  14. More Donors Cancel on the LGBT Democratic Fundraiser.
  15. Maryland's Bishop Jackson Complains DC's Marriage Equality 'Loons' Violate His Privacy.

Here are May's Top 15 posts.

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