Wednesday, June 10, 2009

VIDEO: Colbert Disses Don't Ask Don't Tell in Front of Troops in Iraq

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It appears most of America is ready to diss DADT as well. MSNBC reports that 69% of Americans are ready to repeal it. Here's the Gallup Poll they refer to.

Here's the story about the Supreme Court being convinced by Obama not to hear the DADT case.

This is a 6 point jump from four years ago, but here's what's most striking - amongst conservatives, it's a 12 point jump!

We're fighting two wars! Let's just get this STUPID policy repealed already. I'm so sick about Washington DC talking about getting it done and then not doing anything about it. Flapping your jaws isn't action. Maybe this poll will give them a kick in the seat of their pants.

If you want to hear what I just said more eloquently, check out the New York Times piece issued today, "The Ban on Gays in the Military".

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