Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Pat Robertson Says Homosexuality Is the Result of Child Abuse

So, for all of you LGBT readers, raise your hand if you became who you are due to being abused as a child? And the second part of the question - raise your hand if you enjoyed the abuse so much that you wanted to keep repeating it as an adult member of the LGBT population?

Sick. Makes no sense. If this were the case, then all children abused grow up to be LGBT and all LGBT were victims of abuse. There's no correlation!

Sure, abuse victims can end up as disturbed adults, but not all repeat the crimes of the abuser nor do they all become screwed up! But I just don't get how loving someone of the same sex is equivalent.

Wingnuts like Pat Robertson will say anything to justify their words and behavior.

Like someone commented on the Media Matters website, "Were those gay penguins abused?"

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