Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Help Washington State Keep Referndum 71 from Taking Away Domestic Partnership Rights

In April, Washington state passed domestic partnership legislation, giving partners all the rights and benefits of married couples but without calling it marriage.

However, opponents, such as the Family Policy Institute of Washing, don't care about the name - they say it's just a backdoor tactic to legalizing marriage equality in their state, and they won't have it. (Don't get me started about how contradictory marriage equality opponents are with their arguments - "Why can't they just settle for DPs or civil unions?" And then they go and do this.)

Opponents are actively collecting signatures to place Referendum 71, which would reverse the domestic partnership legislation, on the ballot right now. They claim they printed 60,000 signature sheets, far more than they would need to collect the necessary signatures.

Washington Families Standing Together needs your help now more than ever. Go to their site and find opportunities to volunteer, contribute financial support, find news and information about Referendum 71, and printable handouts.

Imagine if everyone living in Washington took 5 minutes to print 100 fliers to distribute this week -- we would reach over 600,000 people! You can get the handouts here.

You can also get periodic updates by joining them on Facebook.

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