Tuesday, May 19, 2009

VIDEO: Meghan McCain On the Colbert Report - Republican Party Can Be Safe for Gays

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Meghan McCain
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Most striking quote:
"I do believe the Republican party can be a safe place for the gay community. President Obama said he was going to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and I think me and a lot of people are still waiting for that. And the Democratic party isn’t necessarily a better place for the gay community than the Republican party is. And I think if you go to the basic beliefs of the Republican party, keeping government out of your life, why can’t that include marriage?
If the Republican party was able to ditch the extremists who are bringing them down, and they returned to their early principles, would you switch parties (if you're not already republican - hello Log Cabiners!)?

Are you equally frustrated with the Democrats? Some are so frustrated, they've called for a boycott of the Democratic National Committee LGBT Leadership Council fund raising dinner. I have to say, until I see some action from the Democrats, I'm agreeing with it.

Why should I give them my money only for them to turn around and say, "Gee, I wish you had equal rights too, but oh well, maybe next time." Times have changed. I'm not accepting empty platitudes as a reason to hand over the bucks from my already broken bank account.

If anything, we need to support Meghan McCain, because she's putting herself out on a limb for us. We need her at our rallies. We need her at our protests. We need her at our press conferences. We need to nurture that support. Because let me tell you folks, it's rare to hear such vocal support for our issues from a straight Republican.

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