Monday, May 18, 2009

Lt. Dan Choi Scheduled to Speak at "Meet in the Middle"

Lt. Dan Choi, who was recently discharged from the military for being gay, will be appearing at the massive, statewide rally Meet in the Middle.

Choi was ousted from the military after he came out on the Rachel Maddow Show and talked about Knights Out, an organization of OUT LGBT West Point alumni, of which Choi founded and is the spokesperson.

The controversy surrounding Choi escalated when a report came out that declared that under the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, President Obama still had the power to cease discharges. Choi is an Arabic linguist, and the military is in dire need of these experts, but the president has refused to invalidate his discharge.

Currently, Dan Choi has sent a letter through the Courage Campaign asking everyone to sign a pledge to be sent to President Obama, urging him not to discharge Choi.


Meet in the Middle, scheduled to be in Fresno, CA, the heart of Yes on 8 territory, on the Saturday after the CA Supreme Court rules on Prop 8, will be a historic moment in the equality movement, with thousands expected to attend.

DON'T MISS OUT! Go to the Meet in the Middle website to find out more.

Other speakers include Cleve Jones, Dustin Lance Black, Christine Chavez and the Rev. Eric Lee.

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