Sunday, May 10, 2009

Unite the Fight Is Taking a Day of Rest, But Not Without Giving a Little Wanda Sykes First

No, I'm not religious, but out of respect to those who are (and the fact that my partner is making me), I'm taking a day of rest. (If I were Jewish, I could tell him that was yesterday, but alas, I'm not).

Unite the Fight will be back and running full steam ahead tomorrow. Got a full several weeks ahead.

However, I will give you a bit of entertainment. Here is lesbian comedian Wanda Sykes at the White House Correspondents Dinner, giving shocking burns to the right-wing throughout her speech. Watch Obama. He's soooo uncomfortable!

I met Wanda briefly at a protest shortly after Prop 8 passed. She was in the process of coming out. She seemed wary of everything.

I'm glad she's back to herself again. My favorite part? Her dig at Rush Limbaugh.

However, Obama is being criticized for a remark he made about same-sex marriage. As reported on, he quipped:
“I tear up a little bit, when I think back to that day when I called Ax [David Axelrod] and I said, ‘You and I can do wonderful things together’. And he said to me the thing partners across America are saying to one another right now: ‘Let’s go to Iowa and make it official’,” he said. The joke itself is a cross between a jab at the same-sex marriage ruling by the Iowa court, and the fact that the Iowa Caucus is the first step on the path to the Presidency.

Some people are attacking Obama for this joke because they believe that he has abandoned LGBTI issues. However, others are saying that President Obama has been very busy. The joke itself is not a problem, and should not be. It was neither derogatory nor offensive. It was, however, quite funny.
Stay tuned! Stay United!

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