Monday, May 11, 2009

NY State Assembly Expected to Pass Marriage Equality Tomorrow (Again)

The New York State Assembly is expected to pass a marriage equality bill tomorrow just as they did two years ago, but its major obstacle is in the senate, where Democrats hold a razor thin majority. With several Democrats planning on voting against it, including the ridiculous Sen. Ruben Diaz, it's going to an uphill climb. Despite the fact the a majority of New York residents support marriage equality, their representatives may not voice such support. (Read the NY Times breakdown of the senators and where they stand.)

The bill was unveiled last month by New York Gov. David Paterson and introduced in the Assembly by Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, a Manhattan Democrat.

State Senate Majority Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D) has said he does not have the votes to pass marriage equality legislation and will not bring the bill to a vote. Both Smith and Paterson have been outspoken supporters of marriage equality, but while Smith wants a “go slowly” approach, the governor has said a vote should be held this session.

In preparation for the vote, the Empire State Pride Agenda released the following ad from New York State Deputy Secretary for Education that combats the lies spread by right-wing religious groups that marriage equality in New York state would force schools to teach about those marriages.

ACTION: If you live in New York, contact your senators and urge them to vote for marriage equality!

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