Thursday, May 14, 2009

Study Finds Five Years of Marriage Equality Works For Massachusetts

Recently, Unite the Fight posted on how marriage equality is becoming less of a threat, with support for it growing, thus making opponents irrelevant.

On the fifth anniversary of Massachusetts allowing same-sex marriage, a survey report was released showing how support for marriage equality has increased in the state now that the residents have experienced and witnessed the normalcy of it.

Massachusetts Marriage Equality Works Survey Report

With 600 voters in Massachusetts surveyed from April 5-8 of 2009, Lake Research Partners found:
  • Society is stronger because more couples are taking responsibility and making long-term commitments.
  • It’s better for society overall that more people are getting married.
  • Marriage equality promotes the common good by encouraging more people to build families and raise children.
  • Children raised by gay and lesbian couples are more secure.
  • Voters believe marriage equality helps Massachusetts live up to its values.
  • Marriage equality should be protected.
  • Massachusetts couples should have access to federal marriage benefits.
These are the kind of findings that scare the whacked out marriage equality opponents because they reveal the falsehoods in their arguments against allowing the LGBT population the right to wed.

I don't see a rise in interspecies marriage in Massachusetts. Do you?

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