Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MAJOR EVENT: Meet In the Middle 4 Equality!

MAJOR EVENT: Meet In the Middle 4 Equality!

On the first Saturday AFTER the California State Supreme Court issues its ruling on the Proposition 8 cases, meet us on the steps of City Hall in downtown Fresno, CA to rally for NATIONAL LGBT EQUALITY.


The battle for equality has to be fought in small towns like Fresno, California -- not just gay-friendly cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles .

The population of California 's Central Valley is far more reflective of national attitudes toward LGBT rights and until we roll up our sleeves and engage the communities of “middle-America", we will not have the full equality we deserve.

This IS the civil rights movement of this generation.

Where will YOU stand when the Court rules?

Where will you STAND for equality?

We will stand in Fresno...join us!

City Hall at 1:00 PM
2600 Fresno Street
Fresno, CA 93721

MeetintheMiddle4Equality.com for event updates
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Download MM4E flyer to pass out!

UTF Note: Unite the Fight wholly supports this event. After attending Camp Courage, Fresno, I saw how much our own LGBT community there needs our support. D-Day itself, in our cities, will be met with events and actions. But let's all come together in solidarity that following Saturday, from all the major cities, to support our own LGBT brothers and sisters, in a town that needs to reminded that our friends in Fresno are not alone, and we will not tolerate their mistreatment anymore! And not only that, let's show the whole world just how many of us there are, en masse, and truly make MM4E a historical day!

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