Thursday, March 12, 2009


SAFE, Straight Advocates For Equality, was formed in the wake of a devastating loss. After the passage of Prop 8, two straight couples got together at a pub in Fresno,CA and dreamed up a straight advocacy group. The idea was outlined on a cocktail napkin (like many good ideas) and SAFE was born. These two couples invited others who were dedicated to equality and the first SAFE meeting occurred.

SAFE is a new organization but growing rapidly. They have a diverse array of dedicated people who are committed to equality and realize that no matter what happens with Prop 8, there is a huge national battle to fight. A fight to win so their LGBT friends and family may enjoy full federal recognition of their rights.

SAFE is focusing on community building training and coalition building by sending representatives to other LGBT organizations and the Central California Alliance, and the organization will be actively involved in Meet in the Middle 4 Equality in Fresno, CA.

Want to get involved with SAFE? Live in Fresno and want to attend their next meeting? Check out their group on Facebook for more information.

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  1. U SO ROCK - Phillip!!! And, I'm so happy you drank the Fresno Kool-Aid :)