Thursday, March 12, 2009

UPDATE 3/12/09: URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Adoption Battle in Kentucky

UPDATE 3/12/09: GREAT NEWS! This horrible bill has died, for it was unable to make the Senate vote agenda.

This discriminatory measure stated that anyone “cohabitating with a sexual partner outside of marriage” cannot be considered as a foster or adoptive parents.

However, our work is not done.

A similar bill has been seen in Tennessee and three states -- Mississippi, Alabama and Arkansas -- currently have laws that outlaw adoption by unmarried couples.

Republican Sen. Gary Tapp of Shelbyville said he plans to file the bill again next year. See his contact info below and go ahead and tell him not to bother. He'll be met by us every step of the way.
UPDATE: Unfortunately, this horrible bill passed a key committee and now advances to the Senate floor for a vote. Please contact Sen. Tapp (info below) and let him know how strongly you disagree with this discriminatory measure. Reach out to Fairness Campaign and see what you can do to help the inequality spreading in the blue grass state.


From Lez Get Real:

"A proposed Kentucky law that would not only prevent gay and lesbian couples wanting to adopt or become foster parents from doing so, but also unmarried heterosexual couples as well, drew protesters to the Kentucky State Capitol of Frankfort yesterday… and more than 100 people attended the “Kentuckians Value Fairness” rally in the Capitol Rotunda Wednesday afternoon.

"The way the current legislation is written, Senate Bill 68, sponsored by Shelby County Republican Gary Tapp, would prevent would prevent unmarried couples from adopting or fostering children in the State of Kentucky. Similar legislation is already in force in six other states — Arkansas, Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska and Utah - all have laws directed at preventing nontraditional couples from adopting.

"The laws in Florida and Arkansas are both currently being challenged in the courts.

"Tapp says the intent of the bill is to assure that children are place in “stable environments” in both adoptive and foster homes.

"The Family Foundation of Kentucky is for also the bill."

URGENT ACTION: The protests against the bill at the Capitol was organized by the Fairness Campaign, and they are in urgent need of action support. They're requesting everyone to contact Shelby County Republican Gary Tapp and to voice their disapproval of this legislature.

Phone Number(s)
Home: (502) 633-2304
Annex: (502) 564-8100 Ext. 648


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