Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is Same-Sex Marriage Headed to DC?

According to the Washington Blade, that could be a possibility thanks to D.C. Council member David Catania.

Local, gay-supportive religious leaders say an email has been circulating that David Catania is testing the waters for support if he were to introduce a same-sex marriage bill.

The circulating e-mail, sent March 19 by Rabbi Robert Saks of D.C.’s gay synagogue Bet Mishpachah, says, “Rev. John Wimberly and I met yesterday with Councilman David Catania. He is preparing to introduce legislation around April 7 which would legalize same-sex marriages in D.C.

“I am turning to you to recruit your assistance, and to ask for your guidance with the names of other ministers in the Christian community who might support this effort," Saks says in the e-mail. Saks wasn't available to the Blade for comment.

According to Catania's spokesperson, the council members has made any definitive decisions about the bill yet.

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  1. Wow. This strikes me as BIG, even though it's just a "City." To me, this trumps even the gay-marriage mania sweeping New England. This would be same-sex marriage in the heart of the U.S. Federal Government!

    Sheesh, we are clearly on the wrong coast right now. It's pretty rare I feel that California is the cultural backwater of America.