Thursday, March 26, 2009

EVENT: Ask Pres. Obama Questions on Open Forum

UPDATE: Starting this morning, 8:30 PST. Basically, now.

Set up an account at to submit a question to the president now. On Thursday morning, there will be a live streaming on of the president answering questions.

The first segment will be dedicated to the economy, but afterward, he will address other questions. Flood the forum with LGBT rights questions. Ask the president what he plans to do about DOMA and the rulings that its unconstitutional, on Don't Ask Don't Tell or on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

The White House is calling this an experiment. Let's make is a success.

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  1. I've been reading some of the questions on the White House website and they sure seem interesting. It definitely is a great idea to provide answers to the public from questions they are interested in. It's great to see some progress in delivering what people want in new ways.

    Take care, Julie