Friday, March 27, 2009

ACTION: Vigils Planned in Support of Vermont's Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Vermont is on fire!

With their governor's veto threat of a state same-sex marriage bill that's already been passed by the senate and making headway through the House, the LGBT community and allies intend to hold rallies and vigils over the weekend.

Organizing the vigils, Vermont Freedom to Marry's website states, "It is absolutely critical that we have a strong showing of support at every one [of the vigils]."

Go here for a full list of all the events and information.

There's even more you can do. The organization has also constructed a list of action points. Check it out! (It's located in the left sidebar)

Today's rally at the statehouse was a success with over 300 people showing up. Here's video of the rally and press conference:

On top of all this event and action planning, Vermont Freedom to Marry has also released a new ad, urging citizens to contact the governor and tell him not to veto the bill.

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