Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Kingdom of Heaven" Brief

The posts on here are pretty serious, so I figured we could have a laugh but at a relevant topic. A brief has been filed with the California Supreme Court using the "Almighty Creator's Law" to back its argument to support Prop 8 and ban same-sex marriages. They are "Acting on behalf of the Almighty Eternal Creator." Gee, I'm sure God is so grateful to have mere humans put words in his mouth. Talk about mixing Church and State!

You have to read it to believe it. (It's a PDF download)

Kingdom of Heaven Brief


  1. Please tell me this Kingdom of Heaven brief is a joke. Or at leas that this woman is sterile and has no children. Is she writing this from Bellview?

  2. Actually I'm really glad that this was filed. If I were a justice looking at the oppositions, it would have a not insignificant effect on my thinking.