Friday, November 21, 2008

Dr. Phil and the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

Today, Dr. Phil taped a show centered around the same-sex marriage debate. While I'm still looking for more footage to post, I came across this post-taping segment.

More at his website and the debate rages on his forum.


Found this clip about the "extortion letter" from the Yes on 8 supporters.


  1. I watched the show, it was decent but I found a disproportionate amount of yes on 8 ads compared to the no ones.

  2. Jeremy Hooper posted a few clips on his website, including the one where Dr. Phil called on Yes On 8 on their extortion letter and they tried to downplay it.

  3. there was a great town hall meeting amongst African American ministers, politicians, biz leaders, LGBQT community leaders, and others discussed prop 8 and the impact on the community sponsored by the Sentinel(Oldest Black Owned/Operated Newspaper still publishing) on Friday the 21st in LA. I have a political savy/good friend who attended if you want a report from it. It really addresses many of the issues that the angry woman from the Yes side was all wrapped up in.. Waiyde

  4. Yes - a report on that would be great. Thanks!