Sunday, November 16, 2008

Community Organizing Meeting

ACT UP alumni and Unite the Fight! is currently working with many LGBTQ organizations, plus labor organizations and activists groups of color, to hold a community organizing meeting to inform the community about the great work of many groups, gay and straight, and to communicate and discuss the next steps, strategy and direction of this amazing movement demanding equal rights for all.

Details of this meeting will be posted here soon, so stay tuned (you can subscribe to the blog to stay posted - subscription option listed on right side).

In the meantime, Unite the Fight! will continue to post what's happening in the movement, reporting on the different groups, what they're doing and how you can stay involved. Check the many different links to these groups' websites on the right side, further down. (If you have a group or organization not listed, please contact us and we'll add it)

Also, a great tool at the bottom of the blog is a calendar with events and their details listed. Check it out! If you hear about an event not listed, let us know!

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