Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New 'Approve Referendum 71' Ad - Help Keep It on the Air!

From Approve 71 campaign manager Josh Friedes:
Our second ad features Charlene Strong and reminds us of how vulnerable gay and lesbian families were before the legislature established the domestic partnership registry in 2007.

Voter outreach is even more urgent now that voters have received their ballots -- we need to remind them to vote and to vote APPROVE on Referendum 71.

Even a small contribution can make a big difference. A contribution of $24 buys one spot on cable news in Spokane. A $250 donation puts Approve Referendum 71's ad on primetime cable news. Donate $500 and the campaign can buy a spot on The Daily Show. Won't you consider donating enough for one ad?

We have hard-working volunteers calling voters every night. Our first ad has been on the air about a week, and now this latest ad.

But the race is close: 45% of voters are sure they'll vote "approve," 42% are sure they'll vote "reject," and 13% aren't sure.

Equality-friendly younger voters are a special challenge. We know they are less likely to vote in off-year elections. We also know that they move more often than older voters, and sometimes have to make a special effort just to get their ballots. Please help us increase our outreach with a donation to the Approve Referendum 71 campaign.

We need the resources to keep our ads on the air so people know how important it is to defend protections for gay and lesbian couples.

I spoke to one such couple, Karen Kerr and Penny Stone, who are volunteering for the campaign phone bank. The two firefighters told me how important Referendum 71's passage is for them.

"People don't know what it's like, to have to hire lawyers to make sure your family has basic protections and lawyers can't provide many of the protections we'll lose if we don't win this referendum fight," Karen said.

We're confident that if fair-minded voters understand the importance of Referendum 71, they will make sure to get those ballots out of the mail pile, mark approve, and send them in. Help us spread the word. Donate $71, $100, or $250 today!


Josh Friedes
Campaign Manager

PS: If you can't donate, please sign up to volunteer by clicking here!

And if you haven't already voted, please remember to vote TODAY!
Lurleen at Pam's House Blend was able to breakdown what airtime your donations can buy.

$24 - one spot on cable news Spokane
$71 - one spot on cable news
$250 - one spot on cable news prime-time
$500 - Daily Show, Colbert Report, Face the Nation or early morning news broadcast
$1000- Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Evening News broadcast
$2500 - Top Chef, Project Runway, Jay Leno, 20/20, 60 min
$5000 - CSI Miami, 2.5 Men, 30 Rock, Extreme Home Makeover

Remember to vote APPROVE on Referendum 71!

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