Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Straight Spouses of Gays and Lesbians Support Marriage Equality

Lisa Leff, an amazing reporter and straight ally, has written a great piece for the AP about straight individuals who also find themselves the "unacknowledged victims of the victims of homophobia." Many gay men and lesbians stay in the closet in fear of being ostracized by friends, family and society, and in an effort to be "normal", they marry.

As time goes on, the gay spouses may decide to come out with drastic consequences for their straight spouses. Not all the straight counterparts in "mixed orientation" marriages are supportive due to the pain, but many are aware of the surrounding circumstances and have formed the Straight Spouse Network.

Their stories represent the unacknowledged victims of society's homophobia. Many of these straight spouses believe if gays and lesbians were more accepted and marriage equality legal, their gay spouses wouldn't have felt forced to marry and in the end, cause more pain to more people. The Straight Spouse Network cites that those who contact them for support, about one-third immediately split from their partner, one-third stay together for a few years, and another third decide unconventionally to make their marriages work.

Lisa Leff's AP article does a great job in telling these stories, stories crossing all demographics. Spread it. Learn it.

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