Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Restore Equality 2010 Working Quickly to Prepare California State Activists for Marriage Equality Signature Gathering Campaign

From the Interim Administrative Group for the Restore Equality 2010 Campaign:
Greetings to all 2010 LGBT and Allied Activists,

First of all, we’d like to express how honored we are to be entrusted with organizing the grassroots structure to win the upcoming 2010 campaign. We on the Interim Administrative Group (IAG) of the Restore Equality 2010 campaign have been busy setting up the groundwork for the upcoming campaign to restore marriage equality in 2010. The first order of business was to set up the campaign committee, build and launch the official website, file legal documents including application to the Secretary of State for a recipient committee campaign identification number, a mailing address, treasurer, and bank account to facilitate fundraising. We are pleased to announce that these vital steps have been completed.

Among our many tasks has been to listen to the suggestions and concerns of our regional contacts to ensure that the Davis Plan (version 3.0 adapted), which was accepted as the basis for a statewide organizational structure, would provide the most democratic implementation possible. The IAG worked to clarify the language to prevent confusion and empower the regions to be able to implement the plan in a way that works for each region. We’d like to offer our many thanks to co-author John Patterson for his assistance and partnership with us in this process.

The IAG is working quickly to implement the Davis Plan and assist the regions as they set up the leadership and set up organizational hubs and continue to reach out to all LGBT and allied communities to prepare to mobilize and train signature gatherers for the effort. We look forward to being able to leave a strong, capable organization in the hands of the future Executive Council and Campaign Manager.

Five town hall meetings to elect their delegates occurred this weekend, and the other five regions are expected to hold their election in the next two weeks. We want to thank the authors of The Davis Plan for their huge contribution to the 2010 effort.

We have made great strides in these past month, and undoubtedly there will continue be challenges as we work to unite our communities in the statewide effort to restore marriage equality. It's important that we keep these lines of communication open and do our best to work together in ensuring our victory come next November. The IAG is absolutely committed to completing our mandate, aiding the establishment of the statewide council, and ushering in an executive committee that will guide this campaign to success.

If you have questions, you can address them to any of the IAG members you know, or even to the following e-mail address to reach all of us at once: iag@restoreequality2010.com. You can also find out more about each of us on the Restore Equality 2010 website.

Please don't forget to spread the word about upcoming town halls. Information available on our website, on this page and go to www.restoreequality2010.com for updates and news about the campaign.

In Solidarity,

The Interim Administrative Group
Restore Equality 2010
Read Rex Wockner's report on the San Diego town hall.

Unite the Fight will have an exclusive report from a member of the IAG on the Los Angeles town hall soon!

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