Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NOM Issues Letter to Supporters Urging Donations for New Media Blitz

The National Organization for Marriage's executive director, Brian Brown, has issued a four-page letter to supporters urging them to donate to a media blitz that will counter President Obama's supposed repealing of the Defense of Marriage Act, which could allow the federal government to recognize same-sex unions.

He says the Washington Democrats are sneaking in a radical agenda with "far-reaching social policy changes as part of the economic stimulus package. If they think we're asleep at the wheel, they could try the same thing with marriage during the first few months of this new administration."

The letter also requests donations to the DOMA Defense Fund because it needs $1 million for the ads, and it goes on to refer to judges "forcing same-sex marriage on an entire nation" and also refers to California governor candidate Gavin Newsom's infamous quote, "Whether you like it or not."

"We don't have tens of millions of dollars from a handful of gay billionaires funding our efforts," Brown wrote. "This time it's up to supporters."

No, they only have the LDS Church, though the church recently denied using NOM as a front.

"Bullying and intimidation is at the heart of [the LGBT equality] movement's tactics because silencing your voice is the only way that lies and hatred can prevail over truth and love," Brown goes on to say. But with "NOM's powerful new technology" supporters will be able to make their voices be heard loud and clear "with a few clicks of the mouse" and together speak "for God's truth about marriage."

Don't get me started on that last line. I've already ranted about people speaking on behalf of God.

Brown also says the equality movement's goal is to make them look like "hate-filled bigots."

When the sole purpose of your job and donation is to keep people who love each other from marrying, and defend this by twisting Biblical scripture and the theology of a loving (yes, loving at its core) religion like Christianity, to support blatant discrimination and hate, then our supposed "goal" of making you look like "hate-filled bigots" has already been met. And we didn't have to lift a finger.

See the whole letter below, thank to GoodAsYou.org.

National Organization for Marriage letter

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