Friday, December 4, 2009

VIDEO: Jon Stewart Ridicules New York Senate Vote Against Marriage Equality

What can I say that he hasn't?

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  1. This is not the right place to post this, but I notice an ad below for an organization called calling for us to put pressure on Lieberman for betraying Democrats. I certainly have no brief for Lieberman, but these "bold" progressives are about as bold as Obama is a fierce advocate for gay rights. None of their campaigns include anything about gay rights, much less marriage equality. I think they ought to be as worried about Democrats (like those in the New York Senate) betraying progressive causes like marriage equality as they are about Lieberman betraying Democratic causes like Health Care. After all, Lieberman was not elected as a Democrat (and it was Obama who insisted that he keep his Chairmanship), but the 8 Democrats in New York who voted against marriage equality received gay money and gay votes. I for one will not be joining up with "bold progressives" who seem to have no interest in gay issues.