Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Jersey Marriage Bill To Be Considered By Essential Senate Committee Monday

After New York's failure to pass its marriage equality bill, the prospects of New Jersey passing its own have dimmed even more than before. Yet thankfully, this hasn't stopped the local advocates and our supporters in the Senate. is reporting that the Senate Judiciary Committee will take up the proposal and vote on it Monday. Without this committee's approval, the bill won't make it to the full Senate for a vote.
"On Monday in the Judiciary Committee, we're going to vote on marriage equality," [Sen. Ray] Lesniak (D-Union) said, while making the announcement to a crowd of more than 650 gay marriage supporters on the Statehouse steps today.

"On Thursday (Dec. 10) the full Senate is going to vote on marriage equality," said Lesniak, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. "And God be willing, we'll have 21 votes."
Recently, Sen. Paul Sarlo, who chairs the committee, said ". . . we do not have the votes in the Judiciary Committee," said Sarlo. "Until somebody can demonstrate that we have the votes in the Judiciary Committee, it will not be posted."

Hopefully now that they plan on taking up the proposal, it indicates that things have shifted and the votes may now be secure.

Also, Senate President-elect Steve Sweeney though has left the door open for a full vote.

ACTION: From Garden State Equality


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