Monday, November 23, 2009

Prop 8 Proponents Get Out of Handing Over Campaign Documents . . . For Now

The proponents of Prop 8 are getting their way. For now.

On Thursday I reported that Judge Vaughn Walker, who is presiding over the federal challenge to the same-sex marriage ban, ordered for the third time that the Yes on Prop 8 campaign hand over internal campaign communications regarding messaging to the plaintiffs. These documents are important to determine the intent of those who pushed the initiative. The plaintiffs intend to prove it was animus toward the LGBT population. If they succeed, Prop 8 will violate the 14th Amendment of equal protection.

However on Friday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal granted a stay on Judge Walker's orders of discovery and gave the defendants until 5pm today, November 23, to file briefs on the merits of their appeal.

There's got to be something good in these documents. Prop 8 proponents are doing everything in their power and taking all avenues to avoid having to turn these documents over.

9th Circuit Court Stay of Discovery


  1. All they would have to do is listen to that tape you have poseted on here.

  2. You mean this Ron Prentice audio from that "secret" meeting they held? I use quotes because they attempted to keep it hush hush. Not very successful.