Monday, June 29, 2009

VIDEO: NY's Sen. Ruben Diaz Discusses In-Depth His Anti-LGBT Stance

In an interview with New York 1 Noticias, the ridiculous New York senator, Ruben Diaz, elaborated on his anti-LGBT stance, going as far as comparing homosexual relationships to bestiality. The senator has proven to be a staunch opponent to marriage equality reaching his state, doing everything from holding protests to rumored backroom bargains in an attempt to keep the bill from reaching the tumultuous New York Senate floor for a vote.

Though it recently came into the spotlight after this interview that the homophobic senator as two gay brothers, Sen. Diaz doesn't shy away from the fact here, exposing in my perspective a textbook source for his homophobia.

The blog Blabbeando does an amazing job of translating the interview for us non-spanish speakers as well as breaking it down into summarized segments.

Blabbeando reports, "It's quite a far-ranging interview, and Diaz is asked about his opposition to gays and gay rights over the last few decades. Pura Politica anchor, Juan Manuel Benitez, doesn't shy away from challenging Diaz on his views simply because he calls himself a preacher and, as Benitez keeps pressing, you see Diaz begin to lose it. At one point, as his own arguments are used to refute his positions, Diaz stops answering, and simply keeps repeating "I am a Pastor. I am a preacher. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, our redeemer and savior". Ask yourself the next time you see an anti-gay preacher spouting his or her views on CNN, if the network anchors even dare to respectfully challenge their bigotry in quite the same way that Benitez does in these clips."

Check out the full interview with English transcript at Blabbeando.

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