Sunday, February 22, 2009

UPDATE: White Knots to Be Worn at the Oscars and Spirit Awards

UPDATE: Many celebrities wore white knots to the Spirit Awards yesterday. Check out the photos on the White Knot website to see who!

And don't forget to check out the Oscars tonight. Many more will be wearing the symbol for marriage equality.
The White Knot campaign is gaining massive steam, with more and more celebrities and musicians wearing them down red carpet events, including tomorrow's Spirit Awards. Simply wearing the knot expresses their support for marriage equality. Already, numerous stars are also confirmed to wear it on the Oscar red carpet and ceremony this Sunday, February 22nd.

Frank Voci, who's spearheading the White Knot campaign, told Unite the Fight, "We're hoping that that visibility at the Oscars gets people involved in the issue across the country and if nothing else, gets people to talk about [marriage equality]."

The timing of these big events couldn't be more perfect with the California Supreme Court scheduled to hear opening arguments against Proposition 8 on Thursday, March 5th. White Knot is hoping that the visibility of the knots will remind the nation that this is an ongoing civil rights issue, and with the hearing coming up, support is vital. Similar in spirit to the successful red and pink ribbons for AIDS and breast cancer respectively, such exposure to the cause is essential.

Of course, everyone wants to know who is confirmed to wear the White Knot at these big events. Here's the scoop:

Spirit Awards, February 21st

Rainn Wilson (The Office)
Richard Jenkins (The Visitor)
Taraji Henson (Benjamin Button)
Anne Hathaway
Lucy Liu
Zoey Deshanel
Bryan Cranston
Robyn Hitchcock
Michelle Monahan

Academy Awards, February 22nd

Everyone involved in MILK (many nominated wearers)
Richard Jenkins (Nominated for Best Supporting Actor, The Visitor)
Taraji Henson (Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Benjamin Button)
Anne Hathaway (Nominated for Best Actress, Rachel Getting Married)

White Knot is hoping for more confirmations soon.

Continue to show your support for marriage equality by wearing the white knot, because "Everyone should have the right to tie the knot."

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