Friday, February 27, 2009

EVENT: San Francisco Supreme Court March!

Thousands of people are expected to come from all across the state to the California Supreme Court Building in San Francisco on March 5th in the hopes of attending the oral argument to repeal Proposition 8 and confirm that fundamental freedoms cannot be stripped from minorities by a popular vote. Buses of students are being arranged from Southern California so that young people can witness this civil rights moment of their generation.

Confirmed to appear is activist Cleve Jones.

For information on how to get a ride, find a place to stay or if you can house people, go to

Also, there's a call for everyone to wear white on March 5th to symbolize marriage and our belief that our rights will win out over the whim of mob rule.

If you can't make it to San Francisco, the City of LA is hosting a live viewing of the hearing that you can attend.

Don't forget events are taking place all over the state the night before, called Eve of Justice. Check it out!


  1. hi,

    at the prop 8 town hall last nite here in SF, the supposed 100,000 person rally was not discussed. heck, many veteran activists, and the folks from the two gay rags, along with newbie activists, knew nothing about the rally.

    if one-hundred thousand are supposedly ready to show up next week, shouldn't even a handful of SFers know about it and plan to be there?

    i fear this is another credibility-straining action that won't attract more than 1,000.

    time for a reality check?

  2. Be aware that the courtroom is small and all the seats have been reserved for the litigants, their attorneys and the media.
    There is a basement auditorium where the arguments will be simulcast but that holds only 250 people.
    It's better to watch on the California Channel, Hastings College of the Law or the SF Main Library.